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From the independent game developer that brought you Mr. Mustache comes a new and totally addictive game! It is called Numvaders and it is a series of time attack challenges that involve basic Math operations.


The goal of the game is to answer as many mathematical questions as fast as you can. As your level progresses, the intensity of the pressure and the number of questions also increase. You may then get additional bonus lives to help you stay on the game.


There are 10 worlds that need to be unlocked as you level up. In every world, you encounter different Alien Generals (Numviens) that fire challenging questions and have many tricks up their sleeves. But don't worry! There are power-ups and shields available throughout the game that can help promote you until you eventually become a Math General.


Want to know how good you battle? Numvaders also includes a leader board & achievements report that shows your overall ranking among other players.


There are also lots of Z-Goodies surprises to be given away! Z-Goodies are collectible virtual goods created by Zeenoh Games that aim to boost your game play and spice up your ability to achieve more goals and possibly get the highest score. Upon completion of each game, you receive special items or additional currency depending on the score you made. As you keep on playing and improving your score, you also have higher chances of getting more precious Z-Goodies.



Game Features:

  • - 10 Challenging Worlds
  • - 10 Space Craft (Z-Craft)
  • - Learn math while you play with it!
  • - Basic Math Operations (MDAS).
  • - Basic MDAS training mastery.
  • - Recommended for all ages.
  • - GAME CENTER (Leaderboards & Achievements)
  • - Open Feint (Leaderboards & Achievements)

  • Platform iPhone & iPod touch
  • Category Games
  • Release April 15 2011

for technical support, email support[at]zeenoh.com for further assistance