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Zeenoh Games present in the WebGeek Meetup

It was a night full of geeks and developers in the last WebGeek Meetup held at Pasto in El Pueblo, Ortigas on February 7 which the Zeenoh Games participated. The event’s purpose is to bring Singaporean startups and entrepreneurs in the country to expand Filipino developers’ network.

Representative of Zeenoh had the chance to talk in front of the crowd and tell something about the independent game development company. The representative talked about their humble beginnings and the opportunities waiting for investors and probably interested applicants.

The night went on with unlimited drinks and pizza and geeks to talk to. Zeenoh Games met Marchel Miralles of Minion Solutions, Joshna Oliver of Bywave, David Elefant of Dayanan Business Consultancy and other amazing people.

Students also joined the WebGeek Meetup. Cool kids from Asia Pacific College and Xavier School talked about their own endeavors in the development field and shared their interest in gaming like Zeenoh’s.

People admired the graphics and the gameplay of the games the company produced. All of those were product of the creative minds that are behind Zeenoh.


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